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SO guys, as you may already know Total Drama season 5 is right around the conner so I thought I post this fan script.

Total drama all-stars Episodes one
(Scene opens with a medium close up shot of Chris)
Chris: Hello everyone
*Camera zooms back a little and it is revealed that Chris is in a jail cell*
Chris: As you saw from last season the government had imprisoned me, plus the entire lawsuits from the parents of the contestants who been mutated or became a robot, but that won’t stop us from giving the biggest, most dramatic and action packed season of Total drama ever. Who will return? Who will win? Who will lose? AND WHO get me out this god-forsaken jail cell! Find out right here and right now on Total Drama ALL-STARS
*Intro plays*
*A boat arrives at the island the prison is on. Lighting, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota (Back to normal), Brick, Sam, Dawn and Staci walk off*
Jo: Is this seriously the location of this season?
Scott: Well at least it’s better than mutant sharks staking you 24/7
Zoey: Hold a minute where’s Cameron?
Mike: And Anne Maria?
Dawn: And B?
*The sound of truck is heard. Camera pans left to show a freezer truck driving into the scene*
Staci: Yea, my great, great step uncle Carl invented freezer trucks, yea before him ice cream was always delivered melted
*Confession CAM.*
Jo: Okay this girl is going the first chance I get
*Chef walks out of the freezer truck and opens one the doors at the back*
Dakota: Say chef what’s the deal here? Where’s Chris and why are we on this island?
Chef: Shut up and go into the truck. Everything will be explained soon enough.
*The contestants walk into the freezer truck and the door is slammed behind them. Inside are all the original contestants (Expect for Dj, Geoff, Bridget, Harold, Leshawna, Katie and Sadie. And Ezekiel is no longer a mutant and Alejandro is no longer a robot)*
Zoey: Oh my gosh it’s all the original contestants, well expect for a few
Heather: Oh some new faces how sweet (Sarcastically)
*Jo walks up to her*
Jo: Hey how did get out of that blimp crash?
Heather: That’s for me to know and for you to never find out
*Lighting walks up to Ezekiel*
Lighting: Say won’t you some freaky animal thing?
Ezekiel: I was, but after last season the government found me on island and they injected me with this secret drug they developed eh. And after a few weeks on the hospital bed I was good as new
Sam: So do you guys know why we’re here
Chris: I’ll be happy to answer that
*All the contestants turned around to see a TV with Chris on the screen*
Chris: If you are all watching this that means Chef has already kidnapped you and you’re in the freezer truck. As you may already know I’m in jail so your first challenge of the season is to break me out
Duncan: If you ask me we should just leave Chris here, I not goanna go through another season just for a another million dollars
Chris: Oh yeah and the prize for this season is one hundred million dollars!
Everyone: Whoa!
Chris: Ok here’s how the challenge works
*Chris puts up a map*
Chris: Right now I’m this area over there. Chef will bring you this area and you are to dig a hole 5 metres down. There you’ll see a wall. You’ll have to break through it to get into the laundry room, there you’ll grab a laundry cart with me inside. Then we’ll go back the way you came and then we’ll get off this island. Remember if you fail this challenge it’ll be the end of you, it’ll the end of this show and worst of all it’ll be the end of me.
*TV switches off. The truck then comes to a stop.*
*The contestants walk off the truck. Chef is seen with a bunch of shovels*
Chef: Now dig!
*Throws everyone a shovel and then they start digging*
*A few hours later. The contestants are facing the wall their supposed to break*
Owen: So how are we supposed to break this wall?
Lighting: Let lighting break our way though
*Lighting runs to the wall head first and hits it head first*
Lighting: Shah Ow!
Gwen: Did you seriously think that would work?
Dakota: Step aside everyone
*Dakota punches through the wall very easily*
Heather: Whoa… how did you do that?
Dakota: My radiation treatment isn’t quite finished yet. I still have all the Dakotazoid strength
*The contestants walk into the laundry room and look in each clothes cart.*
Brick: Hey I found him
Chris: Well it’s about time you kids found me
*Suddenly some guards enter the room*
Guard 1: Your busted Mc Crain
Chris: Let’s get out of here
*Chris and the other contestants run back to the hole*
Chris: Chef lower the ropes!
*The ropes are lowered and Chris and the other contestants climb up. After getting out of the hole they quickly get back into the freezer truck.*
Zoey: Whew. Glad we’re safe
*Chris makes an evil smile*
Chris: That’s not exactly true
Cody: Mm…. what do you mean by that
*Chris throws each contestant a piece of paper and a pencil*
Chris: One of you is getting voted off and left on this island
All the contestants: What!
Chris: Sorry, we have vote someone out in order to have enough episodes besides we need one less of you in order for me to have my own room on the boat
*Each contestant writes a name on the paper and puts in the bag*
*Scene changes to the boat*
Chris: Alright! I have read the votes. If I call out your name you are free to board the boat.

Sam and……. Staci!
*Each contestant leaves for the boat when their name is called out*
*Scott and Ezekiel have nervous looks on their faces*
*Dramatic music plays*
Chris: And the last contestant safe is
Ezekiel: YES!

Scott: WHAT!

Chris: Congratulations Zeke, for the first time you’re not first one to be eliminated.
*Ezekiel runs on to the boat*
Chris: What can I say Scott, it was nice knowing you.
*Chris goes on the boat. The Boat leaves*
Chris: What will our contestants go through now? And what challenges lay ahead for our other contestants? Find out next time on Total drama ALL-STARS.
This is my first Fanfiction so go easy on me and no too bad comments
And I hope you enjoyed it.
Popcorn111 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's good but needs to be much longer, I mean, seriously, it's a 20 minute show.
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