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Chapter 6: A blooming romance

The next morning at the wildlife preserve

Hutch woke up feeling much better. The two wildlife rangers Mordecai and Rigby walked in and check him up, Hutch was starting to gain full trust for the two. By now his wounds had mostly healed and was able stand up.

“Wow I can’t believe how much of a quick healer this fellow is.”

“ Let’s take him outside with Ella to see if he can move around normally” Hutch was taken outside of the wildlife preserve and placed on the ground.

He slowly stood up, Hutch’s legs were still stiff and numb from all the time he had spent on that pillow in the treatment room, but getting back together was more easily with Ella’s help, the two had by now grown pretty close to each other.

“Thanks for the help” said Hutch walking slowly with Ella at his side giving support,

“No problem, I’m happy to help such a handsome- err I mean nice wolf” Ella said as she started blushing “Huh?” “Um nothing, hey you seem to be walking fine now, hey know a great riverside just a little north of here, wanner race” “Ok” said Hutch as he raced off to the north with Ella racing from behind.

Soon the river was visual from the distance and Hutch was still ahead “Ha this victory is me” said Hutch

“We’ll see about that” said Ella a she started to catch up and was now right behind but just then she tripped over a rock and crashed into Hutch causing the two roll down the hill leading to the river.

Ella was on top of Hutch when they landed at the bottom, when the two came to their senses they’ve noticed that their noses were nearly touching each other.

The two quickly moved away while blushing “Oh sorry” they both said at the same time.

“Hmm nice place” Hutch said looking around

“Yeah, this is a place where I like to relax in the sun and watch the clouds”

“That sounds like a nice idea Hutch said letting his body relax in the sunlight.

“So Hutch where are you from” Ella asked

“I’m from the western pack, I’m actually second in command there”

“Wow, wait so does that mean you’re an Alpha” “Yes” “Oh” said Ella wearing a fake smile tying hold back disappointment

“So what brings you out here”

“Apparently a fellow member of our pack had been kidnaped by a group of outsiders, I was part of the rescue team but we were ambushed by some hunters, the others escaped but I was shot”

“Oh I see”

“Hey wait here Ella I want to get you something” Hutch said while getting back up


Hutch walked off into a peace meadow filled with all sorts of differently coloured flowers. “Hmm what’s the best one for Ella” Hutch thought to himself as he explored the vase field. Soon Hutch found in the middle of a group of flowers with colours ranging from white, blue and pink was a beautiful orange-red flower that would suit Ella perfectly. Hutch went over and picked it up with his mouth and came rushing back to the river.

Hutch was almost there when suddenly he heard the sounds of Ella’s screams. Hutch increased his phase, when he finally arrived Hutch saw Ella being put into a cage and loaded into the truck by the same hunters that shot.
Full of rage Hutch put the flower in his mane and ran towards them but then the hunters had got into the truck so he ran through the woods beside the road. Soon he was close enough to the truck and jumped on.

Hutch looked into one of the cages “Ella?” a figure inside the cage walked over to reveal himself to be a beaver “ Sorry fella I’m Phil, I believe the one you’re looking for is in the next cage” Hutch went over to the next one and looked inside. “Ella!” “Hutch” “Don’t worry I’m to get you out Hutch said.

“What’s going on out there?” the hunter at the wheel asked, I’ll check it out another hunter said grabbing his gun as he climbed though the hatch on the ceiling “Be careful Simon, we’re now entering the cliff road”.

Simon held his gun in aiming positing  and looked at the back and saw Hutch “Well, well, well that mutt again, trying to save your friend there well this time you’re going down for good!” he said as he started to set fire.

Hutch swiftly dodged the bullets as he looked ahead and saw that the truck was heading for a tunnel. Simon fired another round of bullets at Hutch, he managed to duck for cover but got hit in the leg. Simon turned around to see the tunnel but it was too late, Simon was knocked clean off the truck.  

“What’s going on out there Jake?” the hunter at the wheel asked “It appears we had lost Simon Clarence”

“Darn it how could it get worse?”

“Hold it right there, stop now or be arrested” a voice called from above
The hunters looked up and saw the helicopter from the ranger station was above them.

“There’s no way we’re giving up” Clarence said increasing the speed but ahead of them was a bunch of ranger trucks blocking their path “Whoa!” Clarence said as he tried to steer out of the way but lost control causing the truck to roll off the cliff road and into the river below.

Ella’s cage was sinking to the bottom Hutch grabbed the end of it but it too heavy, he was running out of air and was bleeding from the bullet wound in his leg.
Suddenly Hutch felt something grab his body and pull him out of the water as well as Ella’s cage. As they were brought to the surface and placed back on the shore Hutch looked around saw that it was the rangers that had saved him and Ella.

The beaver was also rescued as well and the hunters had been captured to later be arrested.

Suddenly Hutch started to feel dizzy due the massive blood he had, he then collaplapse and fell unconscious.

Later at the treatment room at the rangers station

“What’s his condition doctor” “Despite the massive blood loss he should be alright” Hutch woke up and saw resting her head on his body,

“Thank goodness you’re alright” she said.

The rangers and the vet then left the room.

“Thank you Hutch” Ella said giving him a lick on the cheek.

Hutch then remembered the flower he wanted to give to Ella, he took it out of his mane and placed in Ella’s

“Here Ella, I got this for you”

Ella blushed and smiled but then her face of joy dissolved into a mask of sadness “What’s wrong?” Hutch asked

“I have to tell you something Hutch I…. really like you but I never went to Alpha school, so I’m an omega and us being together would go against pack law”

“Actually that’s not a problem, my pack had ambush that law for good” Hutch said with a smile “Really!” Ella said excitedly as she hugged Hutch. The two then rubbed noses, they were now officially mates.
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